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Over the course of this semester, our beloved professor, Gee Ekachai, put our Twitter skills to the test, assigning us to Tweet 40 times using a variety of techniques. I found this task both challenging and enlightening; I learned much more than I had initially anticipated when confronted with this assignment.

The most challenging aspect of this assignment was my disadvantage of owning a cheap phone. Unlike the majority of the Marquette student body (and the rest of the world, for that matter), my cellular device is not a smart phone. This handicap made it difficult to keep up with Tweeting, since I had to budget my time accordingly. This made my Tweets inconsistent. I think the biggest obstacle of managing a successful Twitter is learning to Tweet consistently and frequently. Inconsistent Tweets are irritating, and can lead to a loss of followers. In the future, I think I will take more advantage of applications like HootSuite to budget my time and ensure my Tweets are consistent.

And as an amateur Tweeter (is that a word?), I did not anticipate how much work it actually was to keep up with Tweeting! Finding and creating relevant, engaging and “click-worthy” Tweets was challenging at times, especially since a bounty of established public relations organizations (and the rampant inane celebrity Tweets) were my so-called competition. I quickly discovered how difficult it is to establish a respected Twitter reputation. Twitter’s vast audience makes it challenging to engage follower or those not yet following you.

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Photo credit: Gee Ekachai

I particularly enjoyed Twitter’s prompt delivery of news – especially since I could follow certain Twitter accounts that only provide the kind of news that I am interested in (for instance, @PRNews or @The_Weekly_Cat). This way, my news was catered specifically to my interests, unlike many conventional news websites. In addition, Twitter’s brevity particularly appealed to me. Unlike Facebook, Twitter’s character limit is short. This forces Tweets to remain concise, which is conducive to obtaining a large amount of varied information in a short amount of time – an essential tool for public relations professionals who have to keep informed about trends in the field.



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